How Harley-Davidson Killed Itself බාගන්න

ඔබේ මිතුරන්ට යවන්න
එකතු කරන්න
  • 2020 මැයි 17

  • If Harley Davidson is the Titanic, the pandemic might just be that one big iceberg. Worse still, it had a hole in the hull and sputtering engines before all this even began. Damn. Is HD done for? [Details below] LINKS: Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum: Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet : Rev'it Bison Riding Shirt - Five Stunt EVO Replica Gloves - Rev'it Alpha Pants - TCX Street Ace Waterproof Shoes : Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar ( Thanks to Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum Gear up for your next adventure at Connect with us:


  • Ken C
    Ken C මාස 4කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    I tried negotiating the price on a new ultra limited and the salesman sneered “if you don’t like the price, go buy a Honda” I love my new Goldwing!

  • Max Do
    Max Do මාස 2කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    A company blaming customers for not buying their products 😂

  • John Dough
    John Dough මාස 1කට පෙර

    They should change their slogan

  • Rakk J
    Rakk J මාස 1කට පෙර

    “Buy a Harley buy the best! Ride a mile walk the rest.”

  • Sprint
    Sprint මාස 2කට පෙර

    I guess arrogance doesn’t sell like it used to.

  • Rich Republican
    Rich Republican මාස 1කට පෙර

    Harley makes an inferior motorcycle and sells it to old people. The Cadillac strategy.

  • Danny J. Rumbles
    Danny J. Rumbles මාස 1කට පෙර

    Maybe if Harley-Davidson would start offering “more bang for the buck” ,they would sell more motorcycles. New Motorcycles should not cost as much as a car or truck.

  • karthik rajuladevi
    karthik rajuladevi සති 3කට පෙර

    Watching this again after Harley announced “India Exit”

  • Red Mud Okie
    Red Mud Okie සති 3කට පෙර

    I've owned three Heritage classics and toured the US extensively on two of them. The heat coming straight up from the engine while cruising in hot weather is nuts and the key element in riding long runs is to figure out what speed in fifth gear gives the rear view mirrors the least vibration. If I had any sense I would have done all the touring on a Gold Wing but I bought into the Harley BS and poured a considerable amount of money into the act.

  • FlyNetics
    FlyNetics මාස 5කට පෙර

    Harley Davidson is America's largest cosplay company.

  • Testiva Dumatius
    Testiva Dumatius මාස 2කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    I'm a baby boomer 63 years old. I hated Harley's back in the 70's and I still hate them now.. I ride a turbo-charged Kawasaki ZX-14R.

  • Ruth Machain
    Ruth Machain මාස 1කට පෙර

    HD has made some serious missteps, and didn’t seem to care. Killing Buell was one of them.

  • RadicalRick
    RadicalRick මාස 1කට පෙර

    After reading most of these Comments, Harley R.l.P. They're already dead they just don't know it yet.

  • Jerry Gardner
    Jerry Gardner මාස 1කට පෙර

    Harley-Davidson (n): Device designed to turn gasoline into noise and vibration.

  • EdThatsIt
    EdThatsIt මාස 5කට පෙර

    Harley: We're reaching out to the youth

  • TheKnightsTemplar
    TheKnightsTemplar මාස 2කට පෙර

    I'm 21, getting a Yamaha tomorrow. The thought of getting a Harley didn't even cross my mind because of all the stigma involved. Overpriced to the point of being the cost of a new car, loud and obnoxious riders that are rude, elitism, heavy, unwieldy, showpieces.

  • 540MOTO
    540MOTO මාස 3කට පෙර

    As a 21 year old (who makes good money) I haven’t found a Harley dealer that will take me seriously. I’ve been to every Harley dealer within 2 hours of me and haven’t found one try to actually sell me a bike. Not promising for their future.

  • Frank Fisher
    Frank Fisher මාස 2කට පෙර

    Harley Davidsons slow death came when they started strong arming Dealers to build bigger showrooms and have so much dedicated space for clothing. Late 1980's I watched a great Dealer in Daytona, Robisons, get run out of town because after 50+ years of supporting the brand, wouldn't take out a mortgage to build some big monstrosity of a building that the COMPANY wanted. Go screw yourself Dealer, we are yanking your franchise and giving it to someone else. Same thing happened in Kansas City, bankrupted a good mom and pop shop for the big out of town money. Oh the early 1990's... wait a year for a bike so you could overpay, and get treated like cattle when you buy.

  • MJNader
    MJNader මාස 2කට පෙර

    HD is the Starbucks of motorcycles ...

  • fatal dception
    fatal dception මාස 3කට පෙර

    Ok here is my experience with Harley. I went to a dealership in Anderson South Carolina ( Tim’s) found the bike I wanted. Went through all the paperwork. Was approved for a loan for the bike, guys says all we need it two pay stubs. They were closing in 30 minutes. I said ok my work is 20 minutes away i can fax my proof of employment. They said great we will complete the deal Monday. I called as soon as I faxed my pay stubs they said they got them. I call Monday when they open to tell them I’m on my way. They told me to wait for my sales person to call he never calls I call several times Tuesday finally get the guy and he tells me they sold it Saturday. Never been back to that dealership. Fast forward a couple years to bike week at the beach. Found a road glide I wanted. I asked the guy how much needed for down payment he said if you have to ask you can’t afford it, then started trying sell some used bike with a ton of miles on it. Frustrated I left. Drove down the road to a Indian dealership and in a hour and half left with my Indian Chieftain. Difference Harley dealers think they’re doing you favor or deem you not worthy, as near as I can figure. Other motorcycle companies want to sell you a bike.