‪Dealing with a roadman on Gumtree‬ බාගන්න

ඔබේ මිතුරන්ට යවන්න
එකතු කරන්න
  • 2020 මැයි 17

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  • casey perez
    casey perez මාස 6කට පෙර

    Imagine living in that block and just hearing some guy shouting r u skunked 😂😂😂

  • A1.officialz
    A1.officialz මාස 6කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    Imagine ur sleeping and u hear MBbants shouting ‘r u skunked!?’

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke මාස 6කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    It’s not an MBbants video without “are you skunked?” “GET OUT” “Think about it” or “Walahi”

  • Bad B
    Bad B මාස 6කට පෙර

    It’s not mbants if he don’t say ‘are you skunked’🤣

  • TT
    TT මාස 6කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    Can’t even really laugh at this cuz this is the sad reality for a lot of man. Bare bullies on the block taking advantage of innocent ppl. I started hanging with the wrong crowd and movin with weapons for this very reason, to protect myself from being a victim. Ppl don’t even realise how many mans on road start doing crud after they were bullied and taken advantage of by others. It’s a messed up cycle. I at least made sure to use my rep to stop this kind of bullying if I saw it happen in front of my own eyes. I never did to others what happened to me cuz it ain’t fun.

  • H T
    H T මාස 6කට පෙර

    Once I seen the group I knew it was over😭

  • D k
    D k මාස 6කට පෙර

    I’m in tears bro that “ are u skunked “ was straight from his chest😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ibrahim Zidane
    Ibrahim Zidane මාස 6කට පෙර

    His neighbors thought someone was dying when he said are you skunked

  • Lij
    Lij මාස 6කට පෙර


  • Jackie Moon
    Jackie Moon මාස 6කට පෙර

    i just love the fact that in the middle of those estates are these lads, playing with filmmaking, being themselves and showing a better side to shit there around, absolute respect and i hope this guy making it shows other young ones around there a different path in life.

  • GabrielFTW
    GabrielFTW මාස 6කට පෙර

    Even though I should’ve expected it... I didn’t expect the “are you skunked!!!” at the end😂😂

  • Oso Gwuapo
    Oso Gwuapo මාස 6කට පෙර

    LMFAOOOO I’m from New York so I’m guessing ‘ are you skunked ‘ is equal to ‘ are you deadass ‘

  • rah
    rah මාස 6කට පෙර

    419 likes before a single dislike, this man is a legend

  • Ziyan
    Ziyan මාස 6කට පෙර

    Bro that “Skunked” was so loud the car alarms went off😂😂

  • Redondowarrior
    Redondowarrior මාස 6කට පෙර

    Tell your mandem to act proper through! When you yelled ‘are you skunked’ they were both smirking! Let’s keep it professional lads

  • dex gen
    dex gen මාස 6කට පෙර


  • Ansh VFX
    Ansh VFX මාස 6කට පෙර

    I was waiting for the,”ArE YoU sKuNkEd?!”

  • Michael
    Michael මාස 6කට පෙර

    How u getting stained outside ur crib😭😭

  • my iq is insane
    my iq is insane මාස 6කට පෙර

    Now this is the most aggressive "ARE YOU SKUNKED!", i've ever seen.

  • Herve Motindo
    Herve Motindo මාස 6කට පෙර

    Alie that r u skunked was heard by the people in Australia