Daniel Hardman Is Finally Ousted | Suits බාගන්න

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එකතු කරන්න
  • 2020 පෙබ 13

  • Once again, Daniel Hardman is managing partner of Pearson Hardman and Louis is laser-focus on bringing an end to the Harvey Specter-era at Pearson Hardman. Will Mike and Harvey be able to dethrone Hardman? Stream full seasons for FREE on Peacock: https://bit.ly/2DLQBd5 Season 2, Episode 10 "High Noon": Daniel Hardman replaces Jessica as managing partner and makes everyone's lives extremely difficult. Harvey need's Mike's help. Your favorite shows, movies and more are here. Stream now on Peacock: www.peacocktv.com This is the official YouTube channel for Suits: home to all the swagger, smarts and sexiness from Pearson Hardman - one of the top New York law firms that hire solely from Harvard law. Well, almost entirely. Subscribe for more Suits: https://bit.ly/2maVymH Buy Suits Complete Series DVD Now: https://bit.ly/2paFnay #Suits #HarveySpecter #MikeRoss #DanielHardman #BestMoments #TvShows #Series #LegalDrama #Lawyers #Peacock #Peacocktv


  • James O Brien
    James O Brien මාස 4කට පෙර

    "Hey Harvey I know I'm not a partner but do you mind" "Go ahead" "nice"

  • Connor Handforth
    Connor Handforth මාස 7කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    200IQ to throw the file into the middle of the table so no one can reach it.

  • Pyro
    Pyro මාස 1කට පෙර


  • Erotic Tomato
    Erotic Tomato මාස 7කට පෙර

    “shut up Louis”

  • Patrick
    Patrick මාස 7කට පෙර

    The best part was that the affidavit was made up lool

  • the kid
    the kid මාස 7කට පෙර

    So have Tanner sue me 😂😂😂 Mike spent too much time with Harvey

  • Anthony Moses
    Anthony Moses මාස 7කට පෙර

    “If you go, I go”’.

  • Kadabra1512
    Kadabra1512 මාස 7කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    Who else thinks Harvey's and Jessica's relationship was so much more fun to see develop than Harvey's and Donna's. I was never really a fan of the Harvey Donna relationship. Always felt it was overrated...

  • Jonathan Edwards
    Jonathan Edwards මාස 7කට පෙර

    Did anyone else notice the little shake of his head that Mike gave to Harvey

  • Simon B
    Simon B මාස 6කට පෙර

    “So you admit to being high? That’s grounds for an immediate dismissal”

  • Yashiveer Kirti Anand
    Yashiveer Kirti Anand මාස 7කට පෙර

    I wonder what would have happened if Daniel had checked the file, Harvey and Jessica would have looked like fools, not that I wanted it to happen, but that's what makes it non real

  • ODx Resistance
    ODx Resistance මාස 7කට පෙර

    This whole sequence is one of the best in the whole series. It really kicked in that Mike is the new Harvey.

  • David Dai
    David Dai මාස 7කට පෙර

    ....and changed his name to Wags and went to work for Axe Capital

  • prateek kumar
    prateek kumar මාස 7කට පෙර

    In real life there'd be abusing and yelling and stabbing.

  • Phokrizat Mayirnao
    Phokrizat Mayirnao මාස 6කට පෙර

    The headshot of Hardman's back at the end of this scene is pure brilliance.

  • Aravind C
    Aravind C මාස 7කට පෙර

    "Go ahead",,, spot on

  • R J
    R J මාස 7කට පෙර

    “everyone liked that”

  • Abdul Galbiye
    Abdul Galbiye මාස 7කට පෙර

    The best of all time tvshow ..still watching feb 2020

  • Hextai Heaven
    Hextai Heaven සති 2කට පෙර


  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf මාස 7කට පෙර

    Jessica is always calmly in control of every conversation, I can't believe the show tried to replace her with that barking monster Samantha, Donna was also a waste immediately she got some power. nobody can be Jessica Pearson.