Daily life around the cabin ~WINTER 2020~ බාගන්න

ඔබේ මිතුරන්ට යවන්න
එකතු කරන්න
  • 2020 අප්‍රේල් 3

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  • A. McNicoll
    A. McNicoll මාස 5කට පෙර

    Yes I agree with Sue, that was an interesting sequence of events, you and your dog living the simple life - Thank You!

  • Lois Austin
    Lois Austin මාස 5කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    Beautiful video, as always. So much accomplished in three months, it has become a real home. Thank you for sharing and Be Safe, Stay Home, Save Lives.

  • Sky Gerspacher
    Sky Gerspacher මාස 5කට පෙර

    These are always so peaceful and centering. Like a moving meditation.

  • yanknoz
    yanknoz මාස 5කට පෙර

    Nicely done, Brucke san. I love the way you have melded various cultures to create your own unique style. Kudos to you sir. You are an inspiration.

  • Loretta Carlson
    Loretta Carlson මාස 5කට පෙර

    I love the simplicity of life!

  • Denise Talarico
    Denise Talarico සති 2කට පෙර

    I came to this channel from Letties life channel. She recommended it and I’m glad she did.

  • Cathy Lynn Pietranton
    Cathy Lynn Pietranton මාස 5කට පෙර

    My husband and I really enjoy watching your videos. We find your videos very interesting and fascinating the way you make different things out of hand tools. Your dog Lamp she's a cutie. stay safe

  • Shæyenne O
    Shæyenne O සති 2කට පෙර

    I like the way you think about survival. It is efficient, romantic and beautiful. You are almost a magician, stay a human who survives. Please keep within yourself this extraordinary communion with nature that shines through in each of your videos.

  • Naham Gariam
    Naham Gariam මාස 5කට පෙර

    Hi always love watching your channel, the cabin is always neat and meticulous. Am a big fan from Uk.

  • Felicita Morales
    Felicita Morales මාස 4කට පෙර

    Hello sir I love everything you doing looks nice and so beautiful I like it he reminds me when I was small my dad used to do that job long time ago keep doing it doing a good job thank you God bless

  • Velvetblue
    Velvetblue මාස 5කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    The water in that stream is so clear. It must have come from melted snow in the mountains nearby. The scene with the beautiful bird in the bird house is so cute!

  • Terrence Brennan
    Terrence Brennan සති 2කට පෙර

    The wood stove. What brand is it, unique and lovely, I'd like to find one.

  • Mirtha Rodriguez
    Mirtha Rodriguez මාස 5කට පෙර

    Thank you¡¡¡ thank you¡¡¡ thank you¡¡¡ I would like to come back home.....one day I will return home,my real home.......enjoy your forest,I hope to see you in the other side...thank you one more time¡¡¡yhank you¡¡¡ thank you¡¡¡

  • Sue Jackson
    Sue Jackson මාස 5කට පෙර

    Thank you for sharing l love seening what you are going to do. Stay safe and stay healthy.

  • Stories by Brittney
    Stories by Brittney මාස 3කට පෙර

    So peaceful and lovely. I love this 3

  • Vernon Howell
    Vernon Howell මාස 1කට පෙර

    Fabulous video! Super relaxing and tranquil! Music was great i and fell in love with the puppy! Most envious but Congratulations on a very nice camp!

  • A Brenning
    A Brenning මාස 5කට පෙර

    Nice job. What is in the two structures on the right attached to the cabin. I watched them being built but never saw what they were for.

  • Rachel Faith
    Rachel Faith මාස 3කට පෙර

    I respect what U are doing. Building a dream life in the present. Lovely. Thank U for sharing it with us (the public) community.

  • Autumn Ortiz
    Autumn Ortiz දින 6කට පෙර

    Greetings from Atlanta,GA. I'm happy I discovered your channel. I wish my life was this productive.

    TDF FDT මාස 5කට පෙර

    i greatly enjoy your videos. thanks for sharing.