AURORA - Runaway බාගන්න

ඔබේ මිතුරන්ට යවන්න
එකතු කරන්න
  • 2015 පෙබ 26

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  • Beatriz Peixoto
    Beatriz Peixoto මාස 10කට පෙර

    She isn’t sia or billie,she is aurora

  • Trinity Allen
    Trinity Allen මාස 1කට පෙර

    all i think about when i hear the chorus is harry potter

  • Mariam Japaridze
    Mariam Japaridze මාස 1කට පෙර

    this song makes me sad and homesick for places that don't exist. i sometimes cry cause i miss a home that doesn't even exist.

  • maya s
    maya s සති 2කට පෙර


  • Ashleigh Besson
    Ashleigh Besson මාස 1කට පෙර

    Anyone here because they are home sick for Hogwarts 🥺

  • 5th - Mel Vasconcellos Gadea
    5th - Mel Vasconcellos Gadea සති 1කට පෙර

    this sings reminds me of:

  • LosersClubCEO
    LosersClubCEO මාස 1කට පෙර

    I was actually confused when I first found her couldn't tell if she was like 12 or 20

  • Nothera_ Alyssin
    Nothera_ Alyssin සති 3කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    Her voice is like an ancient instrument, whose voice heals your inside, that has been lost in this busy cities blinding lights. Her voice is sound of nature. Her voice is better than those people who are on top but can't sing. I love listening to her to sleep or to meditate. I love her voice

  • Luli ._.
    Luli ._. සති 1කට පෙර

    This song makes me believe that Hogwarts exists and one day I'll be there

  • yes yesyes
    yes yesyes මාස 6කට පෙර

    Remember folks, she was ELEVEN when she wrote this. Eleven.

  • Eye Lish
    Eye Lish මාස 1කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    You are listening in September of 2020?

  • pînk milk
    pînk milk සති 1කට පෙර

    Everybody gangsta till you realize she was the voice Elsa was hearing

  • Grande Leonardo
    Grande Leonardo මාස 1කට පෙර


  • bahar
    bahar මාස 1කට පෙර

    she deserves more, this is so underrated

  • Taco :D
    Taco :D මාස 1කට පෙර

    I found this song by accident and I don't regret anything. Wow.

  • Armaan Khan
    Armaan Khan සති 4කට පෙර

    If you listening to this song in quarantine time you're a legend

  • mr.Potterhead
    mr.Potterhead සති 3කට පෙර

    everyone: what a great song

  • its audrey time
    its audrey time මාස 1කට පෙර


  • eh eh
    eh eh මාස 9කට පෙර

    i heard she was 11 when she wrote the song . if so , she must’ve been so mature . i was still playing with monster high at 11 .

  • Marisol Perez
    Marisol Perez සති 1කට පෙර

    Everyone is saying this reminds them of hogwarts but this reminds me of Anne with an e