Amapiano Live Balcony Mix Africa 15 බාගන්න

ඔබේ මිතුරන්ට යවන්න
එකතු කරන්න
  • මංගල දර්ශනය විය 2020 මැයි 14

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  • Joe siweya Siweya
    Joe siweya Siweya මාස 4කට පෙර

    No social distancing between these twins and my ears😁

  • Kwaazi M
    Kwaazi M මාස 4කට පෙර

    Whenever I get a Major League notification my heart skips a beat 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽

  • luyolo nyali
    luyolo nyali මාස 4කට පෙර

    I admire your work guys and well done. Finally Bandile cut his hair😂

  • Clinton Katleho
    Clinton Katleho මාස 4කට පෙර

    That Audi collect is crazy lol whenever the camera shows them whips I can’t help but fantasize about owning one too ☔️

  • ricky nyoni
    ricky nyoni මාස 4කට පෙර

    My guys back again with another banger mix... At least it takes the boredom away nice one Gents 👊

  • Rémy Constantin Nsanzubuhoro
    Rémy Constantin Nsanzubuhoro මාස 4කට පෙර

    "Missing Custom LUT."

  • Koketso Lebelo
    Koketso Lebelo මාස 4කට පෙර

    Yasha inumber... 🔥🕺🕺🕺

  • Zibalule Mdeni
    Zibalule Mdeni මාස 4කට පෙර

    This mix is sanitized. Expensive music worldwide.

  • Ayanda Dhlamini
    Ayanda Dhlamini මාස 4කට පෙර

    I'm here...I just finished applying for my R350...

  • voicesinmyhead
    voicesinmyhead මාස 4කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    Y'll were mad fosure cause heyy this is some satan fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Staunch Papii
    Staunch Papii මාස 4කට පෙර

    What's the song at

  • Zibalule Mdeni
    Zibalule Mdeni මාස 4කට පෙර

    Patiently waiting - front row seat!

  • Bulumko Monki
    Bulumko Monki මාස 4කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    Can't wait to be wowed once again🔥Azishe🔥🔥😤

  • siyamcela mbasane
    siyamcela mbasane මාස 4කට පෙර

    Amabrazooo 👌🎶🔥

  • Dimpho Nolwazi
    Dimpho Nolwazi මාස 4කට පෙර

    💕😍🔥🔥🙉🥂👏I'm blessed

  • Nkosi Benedetta
    Nkosi Benedetta මාස 4කට පෙර (සංස්කරණය කළ)

    Marking thee register 😁

  • Nadia Fick
    Nadia Fick මාස 4කට පෙර

    Please Sirs, May we have some more? 🎹🔥🎶

  • Letsatsi Kgotso
    Letsatsi Kgotso මාස 1කට පෙර

    I can't get enough of the Major league DJz .

  • Decking Dj Langa
    Decking Dj Langa මාස 4කට පෙර

    Ke sharp 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori මාස 4කට පෙර

    I’m loving these mixes my brothers. Would anyone here happen to know which Amapiano song in this video that plays at the