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  • 2020 මැයි 17 දින සජීවී ප්‍රවාහ කිරීම ඇරඹි

  • used - Live Guided Meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar | World Meditates Maximize happiness, health & immunity. Cut down stress, anxiety, and depression! Learn the powerful breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya, along with Pranayama, Yoga, Meditation and Practical Tips for everyday living in the online Meditation and Breath workshop (The Art of Living Happiness Program). . Register now 👉🏽 . . . #TrendingHappiness About Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a world-renowned humanitarian, spiritual leader, and an ambassador of peace and human values. Through his life and work, Gurudev has inspired millions around the world with a vision of a stress-free and violence-free world. Gurudev founded The Art of Living, a non-profit organization that is engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. The programs designed by Gurudev empower people with techniques and tools to live a deeper and blissful life. #Gurudev #SriSriRaviShankar


  • Science & Ancient Wisdom
    Science & Ancient Wisdom මාස 5කට පෙර

    Meditation is key to consciousness ... Sri Sri is so humble to bless us with method for meditation... grateful to him... thanks for your blessing for me and my channel ... all regards ..

  • insta shaanti
    insta shaanti මාස 5කට පෙර

    THanx for inspiring me I too started a Hindi Guided meditation Channel :)

  • Deepti Kumar
    Deepti Kumar මාස 5කට පෙර

    Jgd. Nice meditation.. thank you 😎

  • Annapurna Rath
    Annapurna Rath මාස 5කට පෙර


  • ravi kakkar
    ravi kakkar මාස 1කට පෙර

    I was like completely lost . Thank you GURUDEV for blissful journey 🙏🏻

  • YogaConnectbyMeher
    YogaConnectbyMeher මාස 5කට පෙර


  • shamala parameshwariah
    shamala parameshwariah මාස 5කට පෙර

    Thanku Guruji, beautiful meditation, kindly bless the world, my family and guide my children ,Guruji..🙏🙏🙏

  • Santosh Bailwal
    Santosh Bailwal මාස 5කට පෙර

    Wonderful meditation I love you Gurudev

  • freemedia65
    freemedia65 මාස 5කට පෙර

    LOve You Gurudev

  • Santha Kumari
    Santha Kumari මාස 5කට පෙර

    Santha Aravind.. Guruji wonderful. Iam enjoying much in this rditaton

  • Jayanti.22
    Jayanti.22 මාස 5කට පෙර

    JGD 😇

  • nepal nepal
    nepal nepal මාස 5කට පෙර

    Wonderful!!!love u my heart

  • latha pavana
    latha pavana මාස 5කට පෙර

    Thank you giruji 👌👌😊😊

  • Grow & win
    Grow & win මාස 5කට පෙර


  • Narasu Charate
    Narasu Charate මාස 5කට පෙර

    JGD 🌷

  • Gau Prem Gau Seva
    Gau Prem Gau Seva මාස 5කට පෙර

    Wonderful meditation guruju

  • Manjula Shrinath
    Manjula Shrinath මාස 5කට පෙර

    Wonderful Meditation Guruji... Thank you so much..

  • latha pavana
    latha pavana මාස 5කට පෙර

    🙏🙏ji gurudev 💐💐

  • Shanta Biswas
    Shanta Biswas මාස 5කට පෙර

    Joy Guru dev.

  • Gardening Passion
    Gardening Passion මාස 5කට පෙර

    Nice video